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What does good freestyle look like?

Animated Model

Youtube Videos of good technique and swim drills

7 Keys to Swimming Technique

Bent Arm Pull Explained

Bilateral Breathing Explained

Open Water Techniques
Open Water Sighting Technique -┬áLearning sighting in open water is required as there are no black lines on the bottom (If you can see it) so it must be part of the stroke. As you start the pull phase lift the head to chin level out of the water only. Sight then return the head to the normal breathing position so as to upset the normal stroke rhythm as little as possible. Don’t worry if you do not see your marker first time you will see it the next or the next or even the next.


Open Water Tips
These excerpts from feature dvd “Triathlon-Racing Faster” will give you some insight on open water swimming from Wes Hobson and Barb Lindquist.

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