New Year’s Resolutions

As I sit here looking outside at the snow and thinking about the frigid temperatures, it brings me to think about my New Year’s resolutions from last year.  This time last year I vowed I would be more consistent in my training, give up some of my bad eating habits, and improve my core.  While I did work on each one of those resolutions in the last year, can I really say I accomplished them?  The answer is no.  So now it is 2014 and it’s time to start again.  I still like my resolutions from last year so I’m going to give them a try again, but this time I’m going to have a better plan.


In continuing the theme of my last post about SMART goals, here are some suggestions for how you too can do better and stick to your 2014 New Year’s resolutions! Continue reading

Goal Setting

There is a famous saying by Winston Churchill that states,  “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”.  Many of us have reached the end of our triathlon season.  There are a few still racing, but we are all starting to look ahead to next year.  We are starting to dream big goal-setting-300x294about what races to do and what we would like to accomplish.  Whether it’s a new distance, a goal time, or to qualify for a certain race, it all begins with setting your goals.  First and foremost, spend some time being realistic about what you would like to accomplish.  If you have never done a triathlon, you may set a goal to finish your first one.  Then you can move on to bigger goals.  Not sure or need some help with your goals?  A coach is a great resource for helping you to determine realistic goals.

Now the most important part of goal setting…. WRITE THEM DOWN!  Keeping a record of your goals will help to motivate you and also help to track your improvement.  Make your goal a SMART goal.  SMART goals are  Continue reading

Training and finding joy in life…

Triathlon training takes is patience and willpower…you must make it a priority in your lifestyle.  Once you do this then the training will come easy.  (Ron,  Triathlon is a lifestyle.  It is a mindset that pushing yourself to be the best you can be in three disciplines and balancing the fourth discipline….life.  When an injury happens, we can choose to give up, be upset, or to find another option.  Jeanne is a great example of a Balanced Triathlon Training athlete who knows how to find the joy in life even when injury could have sidelined her.  In 2013 she trained for the Rev3 70.3 at Cedar Point.  She was very dedicated and patient in her training, which paid off with an amazing PR of over 30 minutes!  Along the way she qualified for the USAT Age Group Nationals and the HyVee Championship.

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Official BTT Gear

I am so excited to announce the official Balanced Triathlon Training gear is in production! The sizing kits are in so check your email about a time/place to try them on. In the meantime, check out the 3-D rendering of the men’s and women’s tri tops! Thanks so much to Chris Webster at Chris Webster Design for her work in designing the layout and to Kelly Ramm for her work on the logo. Click here to view and enter OH.BTT in the account ID box.

My new favorite water bottle!

Many people have asked me about my new water bottle. It is amazing! It is the Simple Hydration water bottle. It holds 13 oz, but that’s not why I love it. It is designed to sit in the small of your back. You slide the water bottle into your waistband of your shorts, a race belt, or into a pocket and the bottle’s hook keeps in place. It is very comfortable sitting in the small of my back and a few times on my long run I had to check to see if it was still there. It’s that comfy!! The hook also makes it very comfortable for carrying it in your hand.

I have been running with a hand-held water bottle for quite some time, but I get tired of having something in my hand. I don’t really like hydration belts as they aren’t very comfortable. The Simple Hydration water bottle is perfect!

Check it out for yourself at and check out their Facebook page for a 50% off offer.

Spring is here!

Spring has arrived and it’s time to start biking outside. Many of us have been spending many, many hours inside on our trainers feeling like we’ve been pedaling forever and not getting anywhere. I know I have! :o So now that we can get outside, it’s time to start thinking about getting our bikes tuned up and getting a good bike fit. A good bike fit will put you in a position that optimizes your physique, physiology, and your purpose. From a good bike fit, you will learn how to sit correctly on your bike seat, how to keep proper posture, and how to be more aerodynamic. You should have a bike fit done every year, even if you are riding the same bike you did last year. You as the rider change each year and a bike fit can help maximize your efficiency on the bike.

Tune Up Your Bike!!

Now’s the perfect time to tune up your bike.  In the off season you may be riding your bike on the trainer or maybe it’s just sitting in the garage waiting for a nice day…. Take advantage of you lower training volume levels and get your bike into your favorite shop for a tune up.  Bike Source in Columbus is running a Winter Service Sale until March 1, 2013 or TriFormance Bike shop has special discounts for Balanced Triathlon athletes for all types of bike services.  A good bike tune up now will make your Spring rides so much smoother and happier!


Congratulations to Jeanne on qualifying for her second national championship this season!  Jeanne has not only qualified for the USAT Age Group Nationals in Burlington, VT, but she has also qualified for the 5i50 HyVee US Championship in Des Moines, IA and improved her Olympic triathlon PR by 24 minutes!  To achieve these goals, Jeanne and her coach, Kathy, worked to develop a balanced training plan and goals for each of her races this season.  Jeanne’s dedication to training, hard work, and race execution earned her the right to compete in both these national championship races.   Continue reading