Gear- What do I need?

One of the biggest questions I often get asked is “What gear do I need as a triathlete DSCF4290getting started?”. This is a great question to ask as our sport has a lot of gear that you can buy, but do you really need it to get started?  You’ll need a few basic items such as goggles, tri clothes ( you can’t race naked, the raced directions frown upon that idea) and a bike. Once you have those, you’ll want to look into a few other basics to make your training and racing more enjoyable and successful.

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Getting ready for the 2014 season

 It’s time to start thinking about getting your gear ready for the 2014 season. Training gearproperly and having your gear in good working order will help you be successful in your upcoming races.  Here’s 5 things you can do to get your gear ready for the season:


1.  Get a bike tune up.  You rode miles and miles last year and probably just put it away at the end of last season.  Take your bike to your local bike shop and have them give it a basic tune up.  It’s amazing how a good cleaning and some lubrication can make your bike ride so much better.  This is especially important if you rode your bike this past winter.  Road salt and grime can collect on your chain, brakes, and cables making your bike work harder.  Also think about replacing your bike’s chain and tires.  Changing your bike’s chain will help it to shift better and most bike experts suggest changing it every 5,000 miles or once a year.  Check your tires for any holes, gashes or worn tread.  New tires are a great investment to a great season.

2.  Get a bike fit.  This can be one of the best ways to improve your riding other than riding.  It can decrease your risk of injury and make you more comfortable on the bike, which will in turn encourage you to get out and ride!

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