Group Training

Training with a group can make your workouts more fun, just make sure to have a plan.  Most group training rides are focused on building aerobic capacity and camaraderie. IMG_0767 Working on aerobic capacity is an important part of a balanced training program.  When riding with a group, try finding other triathletes who are similar in ability.  If you’re in a group with mixed abilities, discipline is very important.  You’ll want to know your training level and ride to that level.  Don’t let the group push you too hard or hold you back too much.   Continue reading

Spring is here!

Spring has arrived and it’s time to start biking outside. Many of us have been spending many, many hours inside on our trainers feeling like we’ve been pedaling forever and not getting anywhere. I know I have! :o So now that we can get outside, it’s time to start thinking about getting our bikes tuned up and getting a good bike fit. A good bike fit will put you in a position that optimizes your physique, physiology, and your purpose. From a good bike fit, you will learn how to sit correctly on your bike seat, how to keep proper posture, and how to be more aerodynamic. You should have a bike fit done every year, even if you are riding the same bike you did last year. You as the rider change each year and a bike fit can help maximize your efficiency on the bike.

Tune Up Your Bike!!

Now’s the perfect time to tune up your bike.  In the off season you may be riding your bike on the trainer or maybe it’s just sitting in the garage waiting for a nice day…. Take advantage of you lower training volume levels and get your bike into your favorite shop for a tune up.  Bike Source in Columbus is running a Winter Service Sale until March 1, 2013 or TriFormance Bike shop has special discounts for Balanced Triathlon athletes for all types of bike services.  A good bike tune up now will make your Spring rides so much smoother and happier!

Free Bike Clinics

For those of you who live in the Columbus area, Bike Source is offering free bike clinics on everything from basic bike maintenance to how to change a flat tire.  Visit Bike Source’s website for more information.  Now’s a great time to learn more about your bike!