Luckiest Coach

IMG_1587I’m the luckiest coach ever.  I don’t mean to brag, but I do have the best group of athletes! Whenever I think about the athletes I have the privilege to coach, all I can do is smile and beam with pride. This past weekend, at Ironman Chattanooga, I watched three of my athletes reach a milestone as they each became a first time Ironman. I had other athletes who volunteered and cheered at the race in support of their teammates.  The same weekend, I had another athlete who completed her first 70.3 and qualified for the USAT World Long Course Championship.  2015 has been a great season of PR’s and accomplishments, but it’s the camaraderie and dedication to the sport that makes me the proudest!

We are a team.  We support each other during workouts and races.  Our cowbells ring loud and our Facebook posts celebrate each other’s accomplishments. While as coach, I don’t always know every conversation that happens on a run or while on a long bike ride, I do know my athletes are there for each other. My athletes are awesome at finding the best in each other. They help each other reach their goals and find the balance between training and life.

The 2015 season has been amazing! I can’t wait to see how a late season race will turn IMG_1609into a PR for one athlete (No pressure KL!). Now is a time of celebration and to look forward to the 2016 season.  I am looking forward the incredible journey two more athletes will take as they work towards becoming Ironwomen. I am looking forward to seeing athletes set new PR’s.  Most importantly, I am looking forward to a great season where my team is supporting each other as they reach their goals in a balanced approach.

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