Group Training

Training with a group can make your workouts more fun, just make sure to have a plan.  Most group training rides are focused on building aerobic capacity and camaraderie. IMG_0767 Working on aerobic capacity is an important part of a balanced training program.  When riding with a group, try finding other triathletes who are similar in ability.  If you’re in a group with mixed abilities, discipline is very important.  You’ll want to know your training level and ride to that level.  Don’t let the group push you too hard or hold you back too much.  This can be critical when it comes to hills.  As the group approaches a hill, allow yourself to slowly increase your pace and stay with the group until you reach your anaerobic threshold.  Then focus in on yourself. Climb the hill at your pace rather than trying to stay with the group.  You don’t want the group’s pace to push you past where you need to stay.  This is a training ride and the key is to save the really big effort levels for key interval workouts or race day.  If your ability level is higher than others in your group, give yourself permission to ride ahead and then meet up with the group at a predetermined location.

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