Mental Recovery After Your Goal Race

The last several months have been all about training for your goal race.  You’ve spent so much time in the pool, that you’ve started to think chlorine makes a pretty good perfume.  A goal race, especially an Ironman or 70.3 race takes a lot of training and planning.   You focused on that goal race and crossed that finish line.  Suddenly it’s over… Once race day comes and goes, have you thought about once it’s over what’s next?

mentalHere are 5 suggestions to help you develop your post race plans.

1.  First of all recover.  Both your body and your mind need time to bounce back, but don’t let recovery turn into apathy.
2.  Set a realistic recovery timeline, 4, 6, 8 weeks, and use that time to begin planning your next goal race.
3.  Ease back into training by doing some really easy workouts.
4.  Go out with friends and family you might not have seen much of during training.
5.  Write your race report.  Writing everything down helps you process not only your race, but your training.  This can be extremely helpful when looking ahead to setting your next season’s goals.


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