Getting ready for the 2014 season

 It’s time to start thinking about getting your gear ready for the 2014 season. Training gearproperly and having your gear in good working order will help you be successful in your upcoming races.  Here’s 5 things you can do to get your gear ready for the season:


1.  Get a bike tune up.  You rode miles and miles last year and probably just put it away at the end of last season.  Take your bike to your local bike shop and have them give it a basic tune up.  It’s amazing how a good cleaning and some lubrication can make your bike ride so much better.  This is especially important if you rode your bike this past winter.  Road salt and grime can collect on your chain, brakes, and cables making your bike work harder.  Also think about replacing your bike’s chain and tires.  Changing your bike’s chain will help it to shift better and most bike experts suggest changing it every 5,000 miles or once a year.  Check your tires for any holes, gashes or worn tread.  New tires are a great investment to a great season.

2.  Get a bike fit.  This can be one of the best ways to improve your riding other than riding.  It can decrease your risk of injury and make you more comfortable on the bike, which will in turn encourage you to get out and ride!

3.  Think about new running shoes.  Many of us ran through the winter training for a spring marathon or half marathon.  You’ve put 200-300 miles on those shoes so it’s time to get some new kicks!  Didn’t train over winter??  Time to have your local running store fit you again for some new shoes so you’re ready to log those miles.

4.  Check your electronics.  Many of our devices are not holding a charge the way they should.  It might be time to replace the batteries in your Garmin or look at a new device.  Don’t overlook the batteries in your electronic shifters.  You don’t want to be powerless on race day.

5.  Go through your closet.  Take some time to inventory what tri clothes you already have and which ones have reached the end of their life cycle (Definitely check those tri shorts and swim suits and make sure you can’t see through them!  No one wants to see what you’ve got.)  This will help you know what purchase you’ll need to make so you are ready for the 2014 season.  You will want to have enough running shorts, tri shorts, tops, socks, etc. to get you through a training week.  This will guarantee you will be out training when you need to train and doing laundry on your rest days.



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