It all adds up!

penny jar

It can be sometimes be hard to find the motivation to train.  You might be tired, the weather just won’t cooperate, or your race seems so far off in the distance that missing that workout won’t matter.  We all know that putting in the training pays off on race day, but here’s a neat way to visualize your training and reward yourself for finding the motivation to start that workout.

All you’ll need is a jar and some pennies.  For each workout, no matter how it goes, put one penny in the jar.  The key will be to fill the jar while reaching your peak fitness day in and day out.  Sticking to a sound and reasonable training plan will prevent you from losing motivation and burning out.  Putting that penny in your jar each workout will help you to see your progress and help you see the big picture.  Each workout will build upon another until your jar is full.  Once the jar is full or you’ve reached your goal race, empty the jar and count your pennies.  Use them to reward yourself or start up a new jar and let the training and savings bank begin again.

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